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Injury Prevention Strategies

Warm up exercise like walking jogging and stretching prior to game.

Appropriate Game specific foot wear

Increase water intake during or after the sports

Wear protective braces and straps

Maintain good muscle flexibility , strength & endurance.

Regular medical & injury check ups

After any sports spend some time to cool down and stretching

Wear protective braces and straps

How physiotherapist can help?

Physiotherapist are qualified and highly trained professionals in assessing and treating sports injury. They treat by means of scientifically designed exercises to maintain, and restores body functions and movements. Physiotherapist hold good knowledge of biomechanics of the body which promotes , tissue repair and prevent sports injury so that you can return safely into your game.

First aids after injuries

Suggestions for treatment immediately after injury for up to 72 hours , to prevent further damage

1. Rest :- keep the injured area in resting position and support with the braces and straps.

2. Ice :- apply ice on injured area for 20 minutes and on one point for 5 to 6 minutes only

3. than change to another point.

4. Compression :- use elastic bandage over the area.

5. Elevation :- keep the injured area elevated above your heart level.

6. No heat

7. No massage

8. No stretching