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Get an Overview of the Different Types of Chiropractic Treatment!!!

May 20, 2022
by admin

Nowadays, with the advancement of new technologies, we are getting access to more unique and innovative treatments. One such treatment is chiropractic treatment. It is an excellent alternative to surgeries and injections. For instance, if you opt for Chiropractic Treatment in Jaipur, they are highly experienced in dealing with varied types of patients. So you can book an appointment and get yourself treated.

However, let us now look at some of the types of chiropractic treatment that you can opt for according to your problems.

What Are The Different Types Of Chiropractic Treatment?

As you know, chiropractic treatments are a natural and drug-free approach to help patients alleviate pain and gain mobility. However, just like chiropractic treatment, you can also opt for physiotherapy. For instance, physiotherapists in Mansarovar Jaipur clinics are highly experienced in treating many difficult cases of their patients.


Chiropractors are highly efficient in restoring joint function and mobility, which helps increase your range of motion and get you back to normal life. Now let us look at some of the common chiropractic treatments:

  • The Diversified Technique

This is one of the most common chiropractic treatments that your chiropractor can apply to you after seeing your condition. It has three main purposes: restoring spinal alignment, ensuring proper movement, and repairing joint disfunction.

However, the chiropractors use extreme precision hands-on thrusts, so you need not worry about surgeries or injections. As a result, this diversified technique is highly popular among chiropractors, and its success rates among patients are also relatively high.

  • Thompson Drop-Table Technique

This is one of the most innovative chiropractic treatments that chiropractors apply to patients. It is a unique type of treatment that utilizes a specially designed table with padded platforms fitted with drop mechanisms. As a result, the patient can be “dropped” by a fraction of an inch as the practitioner applies a quick thrust.

This dropping motion is comfortable for the patients. It resembles a light vibration, and the entire body is relaxed.

  • The Activator Method

Chiropractors often use a small handheld device called an activator in their treatment. This is to administer a gentle impulse to the extremities or vertebral segments of the spine. It is a special spring-loaded device that chiropractors use to adjust the nervous system’s tone and treat various conditions. For instance, Chiropractic Treatment is well known for its innovative therapies.


Ending Note

In conclusion, we can say that chiropractic care is one of the most unique and pocket-friendly ways of treating chronic body aches. However, you can also opt for physiotherapy treatment if it suits you. For instance, physiotherapists in Mansarovar Jaipur are highly skilled and experienced and successfully treat several patients.